About Us

The goals of the NAPSD are to provide a network of resources to members to be more competitive and successful.

NAPSD is a professional community and network of individuals and companies in the specialty plumbing channel of commercial plumbing and facilities maintenance for aftermarket repair, parts and renovation. We share the same goals and challenges of adapting to, surviving and prospering in a rapidly changing playing field of selling product and managing our customers and our own people. More… (use “more” here to expand to the following)

By working together within NAPSD, we can learn from each other and leverage the successes of each member to make our own company better and stronger.

By leveraging purchasing power with our vendor partners a member can increase margins and stay more competitive.

Group buy opportunities can increase margins

Access to products with closed distribution can open more products to you and let you serve your customers better - Cross member purchasing

By staying abreast of new technologies and products we can stay more competitive with our customers.

By being closer to suppliers we can bring the best education and cost-effective solutions to the marketplace.

By sharing our own successes and challenges we can help each other in marketing, tech, HR, purchasing and education.

We have a great deal of competition from internet sellers and national chains (retail and wholesale) that impact the health of our companies, ourselves and our employee’s future. We are not just order takers or e-com sellers but sales experts on commercial plumbing products providing solutions for our customers.

Be competitive. Be a member of NAPSD. Be proud of what we do.

The North American Plumbing Specialty Distributors was founded in 1983 to recognize and distinguish our expertise and method of specialty plumbing distribution. We promote and advance the vision of this industry. Unlike plumbing wholesalers, plumbing specialty distributors fulfill the major need of knowledge in aftermarket repair and renovation.

The North American Plumbing Specialty Distributors (NAPSD) was founded in 1983 to recognize our expertise & method of plumbing specialty distribution.

We promote & advance the vision of this industry, unlike plumbing wholesalers, plumbing specialty distributors fulfill a major need in aftermarket repair & renovation.

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